Thieving is the fastest skill to get gold (in theory). But only highly skilled thieves have decent chance of successfully stealing.

After level 10 Thieving and after completing the Thieving Guild Quest, players can steal from shops.

Gaining experience in Thieving can be done by stealing from players, shops, or by opening locked items, such as:

Stealing from playersEdit

Under the menu of the city location there is a list of players. By clicking on one name, players can see the inspection page of that player. On the bottom of that skills table from inspection page, there is an option called thief <playername> . A successful attempt gives gold (if the player had gold on him) and 20 thieving experience. An unsuccessful attempt give 5 thieving experience and players are locked away in the local jail for at least 150 seconds. If the player has the same Thieving level as you, you are put in jail for 300 seconds. For every Thieving level above yours, your time in jail will decrease by 15 seconds. For every Theiving level below yours, your time in jail will increase by 15 seconds.

Unsuccessful thieving attempts on any location from any island of Syrnia (excluding The Outlands) will jail the player in the following jail locations:

Island Jail Town Shops
Remer Sanfew yes
Dearn Unera yes
Mezno Xanso yes
Serpenthelm Rose gates yes
Exrollia Port Calviny no
Skull Skulls nose yes
Elven Elven gate yes
Kanzo Xanso yes
Webbers Web haven no
Ogre cave Ogre camp no
Celebration Port party no
Heerchey Heerchey Manor no
Arch cave Heerchey Manor no
Arch cave 2 Heerchey Manor no
Arch cave 3 Heerchey Manor no
Arch cave 4 Heerchey Manor no

Shop ThievingEdit

After level 10 players are allowed to steal items from shops.

Thieving Guild QuestEdit

There are 2 Quests in which you can gain Thieving experience:

Thieving Guild Trail | Reward: 100 Thieving Experience Got to Love Locks | Reward: 1500 Thieving Experience

Stealing items from shopsEdit

(Lack of informations)

Stealing gold from shopsEdit

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Thieving Guild TasksEdit

It's required the completion of the Thieving Guild Trail Quest.

Unlocking locked itemsEdit

This is the fastest way to get experience for Thieving .



Lockpicking can be done by using a lockpick on a locked chest. Each locked toolbox required a level on thiefing.

Toolboxes can be bought from other players, gathered from boat fishing, looted from creatures or can be dug from Arch. Cave N using a spade after completing Earning the family respect quest. Digging process on Arch. Caves N has a cooldown of 60 seconds. To gain access to that quest, players must have CL 20 and mining level of 10.

Statistics after a lot of 10k digs (those statistics may not happen while digging for short periods. For example durring digging in 90 minutes were droped 6lmcs, and next four hours no lmc):

  • 7527 Rocks (about 75%)

Rumors say that having a higher thieving skill will increase the chance of gaining LTB or LMC while digging.

Open strange chestsEdit

On the Arch. cave 2 (2.8-2.20) and on Arch. cave 4, strange chests are spawned. Players can decode its four digit code and get the treasure. Each failed attempt gives 4 thieving experience, and the next attempt has a cooldown of 20 seconds.