I`ve started answer to few questions about things on syrnia:

How do I earn my first gold on Syrnia?Edit

Gold Coins (gp) can be earned by:

  • Cleaning the jail in Sanfew (2 gp/minute)
  • Selling resources like Ores, raw fish, seeds, and wood to players
  • Crafting items or Cooking food then selling them to players
  • Completing Fridikk Brothers Quests

How do I find a buyer/seller?Edit

  • First you should know that buying from player is cheaper than buying from shops.
  • On the bootom you'll see the chatbox. If that is disabled click on Enable Chatbox . On left of the same line you'll see a drop down menu. Here you can switch the chat between the chat channel. Choose the trade channel.
  • Write you're offer than wait for clients. The messages from trade chat are written on blue. If you see messages written on light blue, those are wispers(some kind of private messages). If another person is interested on you offer you should check the messages written on blue or on light blue color.
  • Negociate with the player than proceed to the next part. To send him a wisper (private message on chat) write: name@your message

How to trade with other players?Edit

  • First you must go to a trade post. The closer one is on Eully(check the map if you don't remember where it is)
  • When you reach there click on trading post. By clicking there you'll enter to trade post(you might be on Eully, but if you don't enter to the trade post you can't trade with anyone)
  • After that, you'll see on some name and a trade option for each players from the trade post. You also can see who is trading with who. Click to trade with who'd like to trade, then you must wait the other player to accept your trade request.
  • After he accepts the trade request, put the items or gold on trade. After the other player added the gold or the items click on confirm. Now you must wait he to confirm to. Then confirm again.

How to avoid being cheated on a trade?Edit

  • First make sure the other player added the items on trade. Look twice when you trade cooked food to don't get burnt food instead of cooked.
  • If you added more items than you wanted to add, you don't need to cancel the trade, just remove the ammount of items which you added by mistake.
  • Don't trade on Eully Trading post to often, to many thiefs are there, and they can steal your gold even if you're on the trading post.
  • After you have sold goods and taken some gold coins, use a horse to run faster from Eully, or buy/build a house on Eully to deposit the gold on your house as soon as possible(ASAP).

How to create my first shop?Edit

  • It's not so recomended to build shop if expecially when you're low leveled. Owning a shop it's a small risk to be thieved.
  • First you need some level 5 on constructing.
  • Save some gold coins than go to Rile to study for constructing experience.
  • Get a hammer.
  • Get 500 woods.
  • Now on City menu, click on shops. On the top of the shop list you'll find the option to build a shop.
  • After you built it, to acces click again on shops the click on manage my shop if you want to add items, remove, withdraw the earned gold, or for other options.

Look at the "Starting off" page for more information

What is the best place to train on combat for starters?Edit

The answer is on Valera training grounds. But it's recomended to get at least full bronze set.

Until combat level 10 training to rats it's the best choice, because they are easiest to kill and they don`t hurt to much even a starter.

Best monsters the to hunt are gnomes because they gives resonable experience and some valuable items. We recommend player not to start hunting gnomes before a combat level 7-10 and after gaining a decent equipment players could stay afk training at gnomes. It's not a waste to stay afk until a combat level 25-30 on gnomes.

What should I do next?Edit

It's recomended to start developing not to many skills. You may for example start a gatherable skill, then trade the resources for a crafted item, or cooked food or gold coins. But you may join a clan and share the tasks beween clan members. After advancing some skill it's better to leave Remer Island for a better location. You should check a fansite or dig on for more articles.

(more will be added)