Copied from my "Starting off" page

If you go to Rynir Mines you can (if you didn't guess this) do Mining :P ! So anyway, you can mine Tin and Copper what is used for making bronze bars using smithing later. When you get to level 10 mining you can start to mine Iron ore at Rynir mines but thats the highest it goes to.

When you get to Lisim, you can fish here using a net at first then start to use rods, look at the Fishing page to see what levels you need. The only tools needed here is ether net or rod, but you must use a net until level 5

At Valera you learn combat here. You can fight Rats, Giant spiders and the odd Gnome. However never fight without a weapon, Some food and armour. The Rats are level 1, Giant spiders level 2 and Gnomes level 4. Don't think that you are strong enough to fight already. Grab at least 50 food at all times with you and equip a weapon / armour.

Next is Endrex. You can do Smithing here, you can smelt bronze and iron bars, no more. you can also smith here anything you want, Bronze to whatever. You need level 10 smithing to be able to do anything with Iron ore, so there is no point buying it from other players untill then.

Then there is Rile. There is not much to say about Rile, It has a school where you can level Trading and Construction to a max of level 10, then you need to go to the island of Dearn to carry on.

At Isri, you can woodcut logs. You can find seeds in the trees and sell them or grow them at a farm in a house. That is pretty much it.

Eully next, this is a big city, a "Main" city of the island. It contains the trading post where you can trade to other people and sell your goods to them. There is also the Cave of trades... Also known as the COT, you might here of it a lot in trade chat. There is also eullys market. It sells stuff like nets, rods, tinderboxes, everything you need for the first island.

Hairth is the city of cooks. You can cook anything you like.. its good to fish then cook there from lisim or Port senyn.

Port Senyn, PS as it is also known as. from here you can travel to the outlands. Never go to the outlands. you can get killed by any players. and some players are over level 100. It is very hard to level so if you have any reason to cross its plains then don't bring anything with you. leave it all behind ready for later. you can also go to Port Dazer from here. Port Dazer is the island of Dearn. It is also a fishing area if you have a Small fishing Boat. Also known and SFB at level 23 fishing.