Here is a small Combat Guide of how I leveled to level 20. Then I went on the Heerchey Island and ect.

Starting offEdit

Start by leveling your your Attack to Level 5, By training on Rats at Valera in Remer Island! Then you can equip a Valera Sword what you can buy for 1,000 - 1,800 gold from a player. Then I recormend to start training Defence to Level 5 so you can equip more bronze items ! Training your Strength and Health is also important


Next, start to fight at Jungles Edge at Combat Level (CL) for 14 and train untill about level 21. When you reach level 21 you should go back to Dearn Island to Deep Lemo Woods and Fight the Monsters there until Combat Level 20.


You could do the quest "Earning the familys respect" then dig for locked chests ( and rocks.. lots of rocks.. and glass -.- )